Our fiber optic network provides the foundation for our offerings, providing internet access, connectivity to the major business and individual consumers in Karachi. Fiberish portfolio of managed services solutions enable enterprise customers to rise above legacy networks to create truly customized door-to-door optic networks. Highly innovative and experienced people in the industry, Fiberish has a broad portfolio of assets that seamlessly performance to accomplish the goal of being the best in the competition.

Our Mission

  • A market leader by providing quality and superior service to our customers, while learning from their feedback to set even higher standards for our services.
  • A company that continuously enhances its superior technological competence to provide innovative solutions to cater to customer needs.
  • A company that attracts and retains outstanding people by creating a culture that fosters openness and innovation, promotes individual growth, and rewards initiative and performance.
  • A company which combines its people, technology, management systems, and market opportunities to achieve profitable growth while providing fair returns to its shareholders.
  • A company that endeavors to set the highest standards in corporate ethics in serving the society.

Our Vision

We hope to maintain our high level of quality services so that we can be the best and preferred Internet service provider in Karachi. At Fiberish, we have a quality policy, which is about achieving sustained services that consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. Our goal is to continue to monetize our superior fiber assets by providing large bandwidth customers with customized solutions that are superior to the tariffed offering of our competitors. We will achieve this vision by following these guiding principles:

  • We will maintain the financial deal discipline that requires us to understand the deal metrics of every deal we enter.
  • We will grow and expand within our niche by taking advantage of the many opportunities that exist for providing customers with purpose built networks that meet their ever expanding connectivity needs.